1st birthday / children

Working with children

I've always been adept to working with children, even at a young age. I expect that I have always had a mothering personality growing up with brothers and often volunteered myself to babysit for my mom's circle of friends.

Before I became a photographer professionally, I was a toddler and preschool teacher in the Child Development Centers on the military installations we were stationed at. Not only did I love this job because I was able to spend my days teaching children but it also allowed me to interact with so many children from all backgrounds. I'm a huge lover of diversity, in an out of photography.

When I had children of my own, it allowed me to understand what it was like as a parent when allowing someone to interact with my child. I'm a big believer that comfort & trust are important, even when choosing a photographer for your little one/s. We as parents work so hard to make sure our kids are safe. Trust me when I say that your child's safety and comfort as important to me.