We're headed to the boardwalk!

When Angie contacted me to inquire for engagement pictures I was so excited to book them for an engagement session at the boardwalk in Kemah, Texas. This was perfect because Angie said that her and Evan were nervous about pictures because they felt like they were awkward in photographs. Obviously that turned out to be a lie because they did so well! I'll give the boardwalk a little credit. When you're having fun you're able to relax and not be so stressed about having a camera pointed at you.

We spent time walking around the boardwalk, catching the sunset, dancing on the pier a bit and when the sun went down, we hopped on the rides! It's really important to get comfortable when having your portraits taken so that you have a good experience. That's my goal during all of my sessions. We're here to have fun and get some great pictures along the way.

I'll admit, I get pretty bad motion sickness so some of these rides were a little 🤪 crazy but I think I was having so much fun and focused that it helped a ton.

The last ride we did was the ferris wheel. The line would a bit long since it was the weekend and in the evening but it gave us time to really connect and chat about the upcoming wedding, them as a couple and share stories. I love that part. I'm an open book and love learning about people.

We had to be a little strategic when planning the ferris wheel as I had to be in another cart to be able to photograph them. This required me be in a cart with another couple as I was told I could not ride alone. What a trip! The couple was sweet but had been having a little too good of a time and were clearly not driving home from the boardwalk so the conversation stayed interesting, haha.

Staying safe on the ride and shooting as the carts passed was definitely a lot harder than it sounds and i'm just glad I didn't eat before hand. Honestly what made it work is that we communicated before we got on the ride on when to pose and how to pose as I had about 1.5 seconds to line the shot up and focus on them and take the photo as they passed by before I had to wait for an entire rotation again.

Overall, it went great and we got so many amazing images of them. Not only did the session go so well but it allowed us to create a connection so that when I photographed their wedding it would feel more comfortable.

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